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LILL LINDFORS is one of Scandinavia’s most versatile and beloved entertainers. She has had a 50 year successful career as a singer, actress, composer and lyricist. With her warmth and plenty of humour she creates a unique bond with her audience.
Several of her TV shows won prizes at the Montreux television festival.
Lill has recorded more than 40 albums and covered a studio wall with gold records. “Du är den ende”, Swedish version of “Forbidden games” was one of her greatest hits. Others were Musik skall byggas utav glädje (My joy is building bricks of music) and Längtans samba (I am near you).

Brazil has inspired her musical choice a lot, which has led her to being a protectress of two orphanages outside Sao Paulo. Lill has also composed music for a family musical, Alexander and the Peacock, based on a book by Brazilian author Lygia Bojunga, played at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.

In 1998 Lill was appointed Sweden’s first national Ambassador to the UNICEF. She is also one of the key members of the 1.6 million club, informing the public about women’s health issues in an objective way.

In 2001 she was awarded a Royal medal for her contribution to Swedish culture.